Garden Mums

Hardy Garden Mums

We will be having hardy garden mums for sale this fall. These are Belgian Mums….they do not require any pinching or cutting back. We are not buying these plants already grown, we are growing them ourselves right here in Etna Green!

Pre-Order Discount Sales

We are taking pre-orders for fall garden mums. If you pre-order and pre-pay for fall garden mums, you will receive a 10% discount. All you need to do is order before July 31, 2013.

We will have a similar Early Order Discount Program next year too!!


Garden Mums 

The hardy garden mums that we are growing are called Belgian Mums. They are not like regular garden mums, they DO NOT require any pinching or pruning! When they come up next spring, all you need to do is let them grow.

Here are the colors/varieties we will be offering this fall:

Garden Mum-Alcala Red

Alcala Red – Daisy Type Bloom.

Garden Mum-Atlantico

Atlantico (Bronze) – Daisy Type Bloom

Garden Mum-Cesaro

Cesaro Yellow – Decorative Bloom

Garden Mum-Latino Pink

Latino Pink – Decorative Bloom

Garden Mum-Margo White

Margo White – Daisy Type Bloom

Garden Mum-Tuscany

Tuscany Lavender – Decorative Bloom


We have selected a small amount of mums to grow this first year. In the years to come we will be adding more colors and more variety as our business grows…so spread the word! The more mums we sell, the more variety we can offer!!


As of September 16, 2013 our mums are showing color, but are not in full bloom. That means they will last longer in your landscaping and/or fall decor!

September 2013 Mums

Taken September 10, 2013









Mum-Tuscany Lavender

“Tuscany Lavender”


Mum-Margo White

“Margo White”


Mum-Latino Pink

“Latino Pink”


Mum-Cesaro Yellow

“Cesaro Yellow”


Mum-Atlantico Bronze

“Atlantico Bronze”







  1. Kimberly Ferguson

    i am searching out ONE – VERY LARGE white Daisy mum plant for delivery to Charleston, WV in MAY 2015. CAN YOU PLEASE direct me where i can obtain such a gift. VERY important to me. Please help.

    • That might be something very difficult to find in May. May and June is when greenhouses and garden centers are just getting there garden mums planted, they are very small and won’t be blooming for several months.

      If you are looking for a mum that can be enjoyed indoors and not expected to survive through the winter, those are readily available throughout the year, but they are not winter hardy. These are sometimes called Florist Mums. They are available at most flower shops and the color and type of bloom will vary according to what the local growers have ready at any given time.

      I hope this helped, please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  2. My wife bought some potted Belgian Mums last fall. But were not planted in the ground in the fall. Will they come up if I plant them this spring? Or is it to late? Do I cut the old dead stuff off? Thank you Jeff

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