The Back To Natural Project

The Back To Natural Project

Growing Power LettuceThe Back To Natural Project is a movement, a revolution, a community of people that are tired of artificial¬†coloring & flavors, unnatural ingredients, harmful chemicals and genetically modified plants being used in everything from household cleaners to toothpaste, weight loss products, vitamins & supplements even the food we eat. For far too long we have been sheltered from knowing the truth about what is actually in the products, produce and other food we use and eat everyday. Most of us have just gone through our lives with the thinking that the government, the FDA and USDA would certainly not purposely allow anything harmful to be put in products that we use. ¬†Right? Well think again! It’s time that we join together and stand up for what’s right, safe and good!!


Here at The Back To Natural Project, we will come together for education and support. We need to protect ourselves, our family and our neighbors. There is no “Truth In Labeling” right now, so that means that companies can “hide” ingredients behind other names so it is harder for us to really know what is or isn’t in something. What’s worse is that there is no legislation forcing companies to label when they put GMO’s in something.

Garden EducationSo this will be a place where we can share our research and discoveries about products…a hub of information about industrial farming, steroids and antibiotic use in animals raised for food, GMO crops raised for food/feed, chemicals used in the production of food, chemicals used in household cleaners, etc. Even more importantly, this will be a place we can share safe products, free from harmful chemicals, GMO’s, etc. Safe ways to grow our own food whether it be in patio pots or a 50 acre field, where to find safe, non GMO seed for our gardens, and how to plan, prepare, plant, maintain, and harvest our own food…then what to do with it so we can use as much as possible without waste.

As we reach more and more people, we can make a difference in our community, state, nation, and the world’s food supply. One person at a time, little bit by little bit. We can come together and make our food safe to eat again and at the same time we can help those areas in the US and around the world that don’t have enough food and eventually be able to provide Fresh Food For Everyone!






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