Shaklee Basic H2 Uses

Shaklee Basic H2 Uses

Basic H2™ Safe For You, Safe For The Environment!

Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate – All you need for thousands of household jobs. Use on any washable surface – indoors or out!

  • Non Hazardous To Children & Pets
  • Safe For Plumbing
  • Anti-Static, Anti-Magnetic
  • Degreaser
  • Non-Irritating
  • 100% Organic
  • Economical
  • Gentle and pH Balanced (6.5)
  • Makes Water Wetter

An unbelievable amount of super-safe, really powerful clean comes out of these bottles of double concentrated Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate.

Here Are Some Ways To Use Basic H2™ In And Around Your Home!

Window Cleaner – 1-2 DROPS of Basic H2™ in 16 oz Water

All Purpose/General Cleaner – ¼ tsp Basic H2™ in 16 oz Water

Cleaning Solution – 1 tsp Basic H2™ in 16 oz Water

Degreaser – 1½ tsp Basic H2™ in 16 oz Water

Fine Washables – ½ tsp Basic H2™ in 16 oz Water

Dishes – add ½ tsp Basic H2™ to Sink

Dusting Spray – Use Window Cleaner, Spray lightly on dust cloth and wipe off dust

Floor Cleaner – 1 tsp Basic H2™ per Gallon of Water

Gum Removal – Apply Basic H2™ Directly, Let Sit, Peel Off

Eyeglass Cleaner – 1 DROP Basic H2™ in 8 oz Sprayer

Silver Polish – Rub on Basic H2™ With Cloth, Rinse

Jewelry Cleaner – ½ tsp Basic H2™ in ½ cup Water, Let Sit, Rinse and Dry

Car Wash – 1 Tbs Basic H2™ per Gallon of Water

Stuck On Food In Pans – Tiny Squirt Basic H2™  then Fill Pan With Water. Bring To A Boil Then Let Cool Off.

Coffee Pot Cleaner – ¼ tsp Basic H2™ per Pot Of Water. Run Through, Then Run Through With Plain Water.

Outside Windows – 1 tsp Basic H2™ in Hose End Sprayer for 2 Gallons Water. Spray on Windows and Screens, Squeegee Dry.

Leather Cleaner – 1 DROP Basic H2™ on Damp Sponge. Clean and Wipe Dry.

Photos – To Clean Negatives – Add ½ DROP Basic H2™ in 1 Quart Water

Anti Static Spray – Use Basic H2™ All Purpose Cleaner On Clothes or in the Dryer (6-7 Sprays)

Awnings – ½ Tbs Basic H2™ per Gallon Water

Shoe Cleaner – 1 DROP Basic H2™ to Wet Cloth, Clean

Iron – 1 DROP Basic H2™ in 4 oz Water, Put in Reservoir for Steam

Shaving – Apply Full Strength Basic H2™, Lather with Water

Diaper Wipes – Mix 1½ cups Water, ½ tsp Basic H2™, 2 Tbs Natural Baby Oil, 2 Tbs Natural Baby Shampoo. Put in a 1.6 quart container. Cut a roll of soft paper towels in half and place on counter. Remove Core.

Camping – Coat Bottoms & Sides of Pans with Basic H2™ before Placing over Camp Fire.

Drip Pans – Use Basic H2™ Full Strength To Coat Drip Pans

Knife Sharpener – Put A Few Drops Basic H2™ on Knife Sharpening Stone

Boat Algae – ½ Tbs Basic H2™ per Gallon of Water

Clean Up in Stables – ½ Tbs Basic H2™ per Gallon of Water to Wash Buckets, Tack, etc.

Spot Remover/Carpet Spray – Use Basic H2™ All Purpose Cleaner, Sprinkle with Nature Bright™, Scrub with Brush, Let Dry, Vacuum

Concrete & Mortar – Mix ¼ oz Basic H2™ per Gallon of Water. Makes Cement and Mortar Spread Easier and Set Harder

Pressure Wash – ½ oz Basic H2™ in 20 Gallons Water

Laundry Pre-Spot – 4 Tbs Fresh Laundry Concentrate™(Powder), 2 Tbs Basic H2™ in 16 oz Water

Soften Water – Add 1-2 Drops Basic H2™ in your Laundry Tub

Radiators – ½ Tbs To Radiator Full of Water or Anti-Freeze to Prevent Rust

Plants – Pour Left over (used) Basic H2™ into you Shrubs, Lawn, Garden, Pots – It Will Make Them Greener

Humidifiers – 1-2 Drops Basic H2™ in Reservoir to Prevent Scum

Greasy Fans – Apply Basic H2™ on a Wet Sponge, Add More Water As Grease Emulsifies and Wipe Clean

Invisible Glove – Before Working on Messy Jobs, Gardening, Painting, etc, Apply Basic H2™ Directly To Skin. Let Dry. Go To Work!

Painting – Add ½ Tbs Basic H2™ to Gallon of Paint. To Clean Brushes, Work Full Strength Basic H2™ into Bristles and Rinse

Golfers – ½ tsp Basic H2™ in 4 oz Spray Bottle. Spray on Clubs, Balls, Etc and Brush Clean. Good On Golf Gloves Too

Records – Use Window Cleaner and Clean With Soft Cloth

Fish Odors (or any odor) ½ Tbs Basic H2™ to 1 Quart Water

Toy Cleaner – 1 tsp Basic H2™ in 1 Gallon Hot Water

Printer Rollers – Wipe Basic H2™ on Rubber Rollers to Restore Life

Poster Paint or ‘Snow” Spray Removal – ½ tsp Basic H2™ per Quart of Water

Pre-Spot – Apply Basic H2™ Directly on Clothes, Activate with Water and Rub Clean.Especially good on Coffee, Ink, Lipstick, Gum, Grass, Blood or Ring Around The Collar.

Crayon Remover – Apply Full Strength Basic H2™ on Mark and Wipe Clean

Skunk, Onion, Garlic Smells – Rub In Full Strength Basic H2™, Rinse

Wallpaper Removal – 1 Tbs Basic H2™ to Gallon Hot Water. Apply With Sponge and Lift Off Paper. Use 1 Tbs Basic H2™ per Gallon Water to Remove Paste

Plant Cleaner – Spray Leaves With Window Cleaner to Remove Dust

Painting & Dyeing – Apply Full Strength Basic H2™ to Hands & Face Before Painting & Dyeing, Paint Will Wash Off Easily

Car Engines – ¼ oz Basic H2™ per Gallon Water. Best Results if Engine is Hot. Will Not Effect Paint, Gaskets Or Insulating Material

Battery Terminals – ¼ tsp Basic H2™ per Pint Water. Spray on Battery Terminals, Let Soak for 2 Minutes and Clean With a Wire Brush. Use Full Strength Basic H2™ on Battery Terminals to avoid Corrosion.

Commercial Car Wash – ½ Quart Basic H2™ to 100 Gallons Water

Lipstick Stains – Apply Full Strength Basic H2™ on Fabric, Let Soak, Rub Lightly, Rinse Clean

Candle Wax Remover – In Votive Holder, Cover Wax With Water and Add 2 Drops Basic H2™. Let Sit. Clean Out.



DISCLAIMER: All of the following “recipes” come from the field from people who have use Basic H2™ in these ways. Since many “recipes” require FDA and EPA certification, they have been removed from the main list and are “not recommended” by the Shaklee Corporation. If you use these “recipes” you do do at your own “risk”.

Produce Wash – ¼ tsp Basic H2™ in Sink Full Of Water, Let Produce Soak, Rinse

Minor Burn Reliever – Apply Basic H2™ Directly To The Burn and Let Dry. Reapply As Needed

Rinse Aid – In 4 oz Bottle – Add ¾ Water and ¼ Basic H2™ and Add To Rinse Aid Dispenser

Insect Repellent – 2 Drops Basic H2™ in 16 oz Water. (Window Cleaner Formula)

Lawn Conditioner – 1 Tbs Basic H2™ in Hose End Sprayer (“Ortho” Sprayer) per 1,000 Sq Ft of Lawn

Regular Pet Shampoo – ¼ Tbs Basic H2™ to Gallon Water – Not For Cats

Horse Shampoo – 1 Tbs Basic H2™ in 4 Gallons Water

Fly Spray For Horses – 2 oz Basic H2™ in 12 oz Water – Spray on

Soft Soap – Apply a Few Drops Basic H2™ to Hands and Wash

Liquid Soap – Mix ½ Basic H2™ with ½ Water To Fill Pump Dispenser

Shampoo (People) – ½ tsp Basic H2™ to 1 cup Water

House Plants – 2-3 Drops Basic H2™ in 16 oz Sprayer to Spray on Leaves. ¼ tsp per 16 oz Water for Routine Watering

Roses – ½ tsp Basic H2™ per Gallon Water

Weed Killer – 1 Gallon White Vinegar, 2 Tbs Basic H2™. Makes Great Weed Killer. Apply After Dew is Gone on a Sunny, Hot Day.

Mosquito Repellent – Apply Full Strength Basic H2™ to Arms, Legs, Face, Neck, Ears, and Any Other Expose Skin.

Great for People and Pets – Basic H2™ is so gentle we bathe in it regularly. It is also very effective in drowning fleas and bathing dogs without the dangers of poisonous insecticide shampoos.

If you would like a bottle of Basic H2, contact me or click here to order online!


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