Can We Fix Our Food System?

Can We Fix Our Food System?

Yes!! We can fix our food system! Can we fix it overnight? No. Is it going to be easy? No…but it can be done.

What do I think is the first step? Less chemicals! Less chemical fertilizers, less chemical pesticides, less chemical herbicides, less preservatives, less (or NO) GMO’s, etc. Let’s start with the soil that we grow our food in.

Soil Quality

 Soil quality is defined as the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. By this definition, we can understand how important soil is to our existence, if our soil is unhealthy, the food it produces is unhealthy…and if the food we eat is unhealthy, what do you think that makes us? Right! Unhealthy. WE HAVE GOT TO TAKE CARE OF THE SOIL! 

Fields that  are planted over and over with the same crops with the same chemicals being used to kill weeds, the same chemicals being used to eliminate insects, and the same fertilizers to help the plants to grow will deplete the soil of vital nutrients that are necessary for the plants to grow and that we need in the produce to help us to be healthy. If we don’t take care of the soil, it can’t take care of us.

All Natural Soil Conditioners

There aren’t many all natural soil conditioners on the market, at least if there are, they aren’t very easy to find. I know of one that actually comes from a company that IYoung Healthy Corn Field will actually trust. It comes from a company started in 1956 on the understanding that we need to take care of the earth and they have never produced a product that wasn’t all natural! This company was green, when green was just a color!

What does this All Natural Soil Conditioner do?

    • Organic – All organic product that promotes the growth of healthier plants.
    • Wetting Agent – Makes water 200 times wetter, overcoming water repellency in soil.
    • Surfactant – Penetrates even tight clays and permits greater organic matter decomposition, breaks down cohesive tension of capillary water.
    • Soil Igniter – Promotes a healthier, balanced soil by releasing or unlocking nutrients often bound by chemical overuse.
    • Promotes Absorbency – Allows soil to absorb rain, reducing runoff and evaporation, and hold moisture longer in dry conditions. Increases absorbtion of soil nutrients carried by water to plant roots.
    • Soil Softner – Soil becomes mellow and easier to work, less need for plowing.
    • Reduces Chemical Use – Allows less chemical use, lessening the danger of residue killing or reducing the stand of the following crop when crops are rotated.
    • Germination – Allows faster germination as a result of its wetting action.
    • Yield – Normal to higher yield with less expense.
    • No Clogging – Keeps spraying equipment, nozzles and tanks clean.
    • No Odors – Leaves no offensive odors as do some oil treatments.
    • Cleaning Agent – Mixed with water, it can be used in the cleaning of pipelines and stainless bulk tanks and other farm equipment.
    • No Burndown – Does not retard the growth of crops as do some oils used as suspension agents in spraying.
    • Economical – Cost of application is less, from ½ to ¾ of oil treatment.
    • Weed Control – Used as a suspension agent instead of crop oil in spraying, allows good or better weed control.
    • Insect Repellent – When sprayed on farm animals, it has been proven effective as a repellent, actually suffocating flies and other insects.
    • No Residual Effect – Leaves no residual effect on soil or on plants when applied according to direction.
    • Increases Protein Content – Studies indicate that crops treated from inception tend to test out at a greater protein content.

What is this All Natural Soil Conditioner? It’s the Classic Strength Basic H from the Shaklee Corporation.


Basic H Classic surfactant soil treatment

If you are interested in this, please contact me for more information. I have much more info about Basic H Classic as a Soil Conditioner. There were countless field tests done by farmers across the country. I have results of those tests as well as testimonials from the farmers that conducted the tests. I have and still use this in my garden to help my plants grow bigger, healthier, stronger and yield more.


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