Growing Your Own Food Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Growing Your Own Food Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

It doesn’t have to be difficult to grow your own food. Vegetable and grain plants are probably some of the easiest to grow and hardiest plants there are. You don’t need to be some kind of master gardener or plant expert to grow vegetables.

You Don’t Need To Spend Hours And Hours Taking Care Of Your Garden

Your garden doesn’t have to take tons of hours of your time each week. A few hours here and there will be enough. That being said, if you spend zero time in your garden, the weeds will take over and your plants will suffer. Some plants like to be pruned and staked and no plants like to be choked out by weeds. So a little maintenance every week will be enough, but no maintenance will get you in trouble…then if you want to fix your overgrown garden it may take you several hours to get the weeds out and find your vegetables.

You Don’t Have To Have The Latest And Greatest Tools And Equipment

Basic tools are enough to get you started in your garden. You don’t need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on equipment to have your own garden. Some kind of a Till Your Gardenbasic tiller would help, but beyond that you can use hoes, rakes, pruners and your hands and knees. This also depends on the size of your garden.

3 Basic Things For Your Garden

Sun – Vegetable plants need plenty of sun, so find a sunny location to put your garden.

Water – You will need to make sure your garden gets enough water. This may sound difficult to those of you that are beginners, but you shouldn’t need to water your garden every day. After your plants are established you may not have to water at all, unless there is an extended period of hot, dry weather.

Cultivation – Keep the weeds under control. Your garden plants need all the nutrients they can get to produce the best vegetables they can, don’t make them compete with weeds for nutrients and water.

Gardening Is As Hard As You Make It

You determine how much time and effort you put into your garden. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to put some work into it.


  1. Okay Eric, two things that you might have some thoughts on. One, how do you keep animals from eating off your green beans when they just come up? Nothing else is getting eaten off, just the beans when they are 3-4 inches. Some have been eaten to where only an inch of stem is left. Rabbits maybe or ground hogs? They’ve eaten half to three quarters off what we planted. Any suggestions?

    Second, what kills zucchini when there is no visible damage to the plant, root or cut worms?

    • Well…I haven’t had any problems with my greenbeans getting eaten. Are there deer tracks in your garden? Have you seen groundhogs? I don’t have deer or groundhogs here in town, but I have plenty of rabbits. Last year I attempted to grow edamame and the rabbits ate it off as soon as it came up….all of it.

      I have heard putting human hair around your garden will help keep the deer out but I have never tried it.

      How are your zucchini dyeing? Are individual stems dyeing or is the plant dyeing at the base? There are different insects that will attack your zucchini plants. Squash Bugs, Vine Borers are the biggest problems. Zucchini can also get Bacterial Wilt and some other diseases.

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