Keep The Weeds Out Of Your Garden!

Keep The Weeds Out Of Your Garden!

Weeds are one of the biggest problems your garden will encounter. They seem to grow anywhere, in any condition and they attract insects that may attack your vegetable plants and they steal precious water and nutrients from your plants. It is critical to the success of you garden to keep the weeds out of your garden!

Keeping the weeds out of your garden doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds! No matter how big your garden is, you should be able to keep the weeds at bay by spending anCultivate Between The Rows hour or less per week working in your garden. As long as you have left enough space between the rows, you will be able to get your tiller in to quickly cultivate any weeds that are starting to grow. Before or after you run the tiller between the rows, use a hoe to take care of the weeds between and around the plants.

If your garden is too small, you don’t have a tiller, or your rows are too close, you will need to resort to another method of cultivation. Using a hoe, rake or hand tiller may be the option you use.

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