What Is Natural Gardening?

What Is Natural Gardening?

Conventional, standard, organic, natural. What kind of gardening do you do, or do you garden at all? Does it matter to you where your food comes from and it if’s safe for you and your family to eat? Maybe you haven’t heard about the Good Food Revolution. Maybe you think all food that is available to purchase is safe to eat.

Natural Gardening is exactly what it sounds like…gardening naturally. No chemical herbicides, No chemical pesticides, No chemical fungicides, No synthetic/chemicalNo Chemicals fertilizers, No genetically modified seeds/plants. Growing plants, trees, fruits and vegetables the way they were meant to be grown.

Growing produce Naturally is safer and you can produce as much or more than you can if you were to grow using harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Anytime we can avoid putting harmful chemicals in our food, in our bodies and in the earth it helps everybody! We live such chemical laiden lives that it’s ridiculous. The average American has at least trace amounts of 200 or more chemicals in their body. It’s time for us to wake up and do something different. STOP using all the nasty chemicals.

Please don’t misunderstand me…I grew up in a farming community, I still live in a farming community, and most of my family are farmers to some degree. Some big, some small. I AM NOT bashing farmers! If I’m bashing anyone, I’m bashing the USDA and the chemical companies. The USDA has put their stamp of approval on hundreds of chemicals that they say are “safe” to use in the production of food crops. They’ve also approved many genetically modified crops that they say are safe to eat.

Exactly how much testing have they done to make sure all these things are truly safe for you, me, and everyone else to eat? For example, if you genetically modify a wheat plant to have twice the gluten content as a normal wheat plant, what effect, if any, will that have on people who eat it? None? Or will there suddenly be an incredible increase in the number of people that have a reaction to gluten and need to go on a gluten free diet?

I think that the biggest problem right now is that “the family farm” does not have a choice but to use genetically modified seeds and use the harmful chemicals that the seed/chemical companies are selling. When less than 5 companies own all the patents on 95% or more of the seeds….how can you make a different choice? The food industry is BIG BUSINESS. And BIG BUSINESS is in it for BIG PROFITS! This is how a handful of companies are now running the food industry. After buy-outs and mergers, there are literally only 4 companies that produce almost all of the food America eats.

Tyson Foods (TSN), JBS (JBSAY), Cargill and Smithfield Foods produce 85% of the beef we eat in the US says  Christopher Leonard, author of the new book The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business.  He defines meat, by the way, as beef, chicken and pork. These companies have the “market power to depress what they pay farmers while at the same time keeping prices higher…for consumers,” Leonard explains.

And that’s not the only way consumers pay for this “monopolistic situation,” says Leonard.

The former AP reporter hopes that his book raises awareness of these food power structures that have been “hidden for a long time.” He also hopes that Washington legislators use anti-trust regulations to limit the power of the top four meat producers and increase the power of farmers.know-your-farmer

Probably the easiest and best way to know what you’re eating is to buy local, “know your farmer”, know how your food was grown, and know where your food comes

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