You Can’t Get All The Nutrients You Need From The Food You Eat

You Can’t Get All The Nutrients You Need From The Food You Eat

This is a follow up post to “Why Do We Need Supplements Even If We Eat Healthy?” This is a comparison of how much you would have to eat to get the same amount of nutrients in one Shaklee Vitalizer Strip!

I have never felt better than when I’ve been taking my Vitalizer! I have more energy, I’m more alert and I just FEEL BETTER!

Vitalizer From Shaklee Video

VitalizerTM is supplementation made simple. Our unique, clinically supported solution packs essential nutrition into a convenient, everyday, go-anywhere Vita-Strip®. Designed to enhance absorption, Vitalizer provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s, and healthy probiotics—all in one convenient Vitalizer Vita-Strip®.

We all have different needs—and there’s a custom Vitalizer formulation just for yours:


Heart healthShaklee Vitalizer Men

Prostate health

Immune health

Physical energy

Joint health

Muscle function

Digestive health

Healthy blood pressure


Bone healthShaklee Vitalizer Women

Breast health

Heart health

Immune health

Physical energy

Reproductive health

Digestive health

Healthy hair, skin, and nails

Gold* (for those 50+)

Healthy agingShaklee Vitalizer Gold

Heart health

Bone and joint health

Immune health

Brain health and cognition

Healthy vision

Digestive health

Physical energy

(Available with or without vitamin K)

Every Vitamin + Minerals Your Body Needs

  • Bio-optimized nutrients for optimum absorption
  • High potency to fuel your body’s most vital functions
  • 100% or more of the Daily Value of all vitamins
  • All eight essential B vitamins, including biotin
  • Higher levels of vitamin D3, the most potent form of vitamin D

Most Powerful Antioxidant Spectrum*

  • Helps protect cells, tissues, and organs against aging*
  • Superior protection against free radical damage*
  • Full-spectrum vitamin E from all eight natural forms
  • 26 antioxidants working together to augment your body’s antioxidant network*

All 7 Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Help reduce the risk of heart disease**, also promotes brain and joint health*
  • High potency EPA and DHA
  • Ultra-pure, pharmaceutical grade
  • Contains natural fish oil derived from small, cold-water fish

Guaranteed Superactive Probiotics

  • Support healthy digestion and immunity*
  • Extensively studied active cultures
  • Patent-pending delivery system

 The Shaklee Difference

Vita-Lea® Advanced Multivitamin: Dissolves in less than 30 minutes in the stomach designed to enhanceShaklee Vitalizer SMART Delivery absorption of folic acid from the patented microcoating.

Caroto-E-Omega: Enteric coating helps reduce fishy aftertaste by delivering omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamin E and other fat soluble nutrients to the upper intestine.

B+C Complex: Provides up to 198% greater absorption of B vitamins over 12 hours, as shown in a clinical study through sustained release delivery to the small intestine.

Optiflora® Probiotic: Delivers healthy microflora to the lower intestine through our triple-layer encapsulation technology, protecting them from stomach acid.

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Its all in Vitalizer

Its all in Vitalizer1





* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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